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Eligibility Verification

At Inmed Billing Solutions we understand the importance of insurance eligibility verification.

  • Help in reducing our clients’ revenue cycle
  • Minimize delays and denials considerably
  • Improve collections by reducing write-offs

Insurance eligibility verification process at Inmed Billing Solutions:

  • Receive Schedules of patients via EDI, email or fax or check them every day in the appointment scheduling software.
  • Verify patients’ insurance coverage with primary and secondary payers by making calls to the payers and checking through their authorized online insurance portals. We also contact patients for additional information, if required
  • Update the medical billing system with eligibility and verification details such as member ID, group ID, coverage period, co-pay, Deductible and co-insurance information and other code level benefits information including max limits allowed.
  • In case of issues regarding a patient's eligibility, we inform the client immediately
  • InMed Billing Solutions dedicated insurance eligibility verification team delivers a thorough verification, thereby aiding dramatic reduction of the clients’ accounts receivable cycle.