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The benefits of using Inmed Billing Solutions:

  • Billing out the claims in 48 hours of receipt – the faster we get your claims out the door and processed the faster you will receive payment.
  • We follow up continuously on claims – this is where our expertise comes in on the collection side.
  • We will make sure your claim gets paid. We are on the phone all day, every day.
  • Electronic Filing – This cuts down on the paper cost and it more efficient – saves the provider time and money. We had claims come back in 10 days when sent electronically.
  • Reporting – We can produce accurate analysis of your entire practice. – you can track reimbursements and income with an ease of mind.
  • We are a multi-medical billing/collection company that firmly believes we are the extension of your health care practice.
  • We are always available during your hours of business, and available for any questions you may have.
  • Our goal is to connect with your office and staff and to help them in anyway necessary.