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AR Follow Up

Our AR Management Capabilities in a Nutshell

At Inmed Billing Solutions, we handle all your medical billing AR requirements from charge data capture and coding to denials management and payment collection.

  • Coding/charge capture
  • Payer/insurance follow-up
  • Self-pay follow-up
  • Receivables analysis
  • Denials management
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of receivables risk exposure
  • Collections management

Medical Billing AR

What You Can Expect From Inmed Billing Solutions

  • Proper research of accounts to determine a suitable action plan
  • Constant analysis for patterns on codes, procedures or any global problems with appropriate timely reports
  • Regular QA checking with readily available reports for the client
  • System based eligibility checking
  • System based claim scrubbing before it goes out
  • Quarterly coding updates
  • 24/7 support technical support, with special assistance during emergencies
  • Reduced overhead (30 to 40% below operational costs)
  • Customizable reports every month


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